Bobby Carroll

Bobby Carroll lived a very active lifestyle before contracting COVID-19. He worked as the director of emergency services for Booker, TX, and always made time for family. He and his wife, Melissa, stayed busy with their teenage children. They attended all their sports events and were active in their community until COVID-19 changed everything.

When Bobby was first diagnosed with COVID-19, he was able to manage his symptoms at home. His condition quickly deteriorated, requiring hospitalization and eventually ventilator support. Once he was stable for transport, he moved to Vibra Hospital of Amarillo for ventilator weaning. A crew from his hometown of Booker, TX, came to transport Bobby to Vibra by ambulance. His family appreciated the show of support from “their people.”

The Vibra staff made a big impact on Bobby’s recovery. Melissa was very impressed with the care they provided. She stated, “They are some of the best nurses. They took care of every little detail.” Bobby’s motive for recovery was always to return home. With one of his children going off to college, he wanted to get back to being a dad and attending his children’s events.

Bobby will continue his recovery at Vibra for two to three more weeks and then head home. He is looking forward to being part of his family again and getting back to his active lifestyle.