Bruce Harvey

Bruce Harvey and his wife, Angela, were traveling from Florida to California when they decided to stop in Amarillo to take a break from the road. While in Amarillo, Bruce lost consciousness and suffered a fall. EMS was called and they transported him to Northwest Texas Hospital.

It wasn’t clear under initial examination what was wrong. They intubated Bruce and ran tests to determine the extent of his injuries. He remained intubated for 27 days. During that time, Angela said she was told “things don’t look good for him.”

Diagnostic testing done at NWTH revealed Bruce suffered an ischemic stroke. Further complicating things was a diagnosis of aspiration pneumonia. They treated Bruce for both the stroke and the pneumonia.

Bruce’s condition began to improve over time. He was extubated and could once again speak with his wife. Bruce then underwent surgery to repair a broken hip, suffered when he had fallen.

Following surgery, Bruce transferred to Vibra Hospital of Amarillo (a long-term acute care hospital, or LTACH). At Vibra, he continued IV antibiotic therapy and began physical and occupation therapy. The goal was to build up his strength to qualify for admission to Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Amarillo. After 44 days at the LTACH, he transferred to the rehabilitation hospital.

Upon admission, Bruce stated he could only take about 10 steps with a walker before he was completely worn out. By his discharge day, Bruce was walking to-and-from his therapy sessions. In those sessions, he would complete four laps around the gym. Bruce also noted great improvement with his finger dexterity. After working his occupational therapists, his dexterity exceeded where it was prior to his injuries

The 16 days Bruce spent at Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Amarillo were “some of the toughest I’ve ever had.” But, because of the progress he made, “they were also some of the most rewarding.”

Bruce would like to thank his care team at Vibra. He thanks the therapy staff for pushing him to improve beyond what he thought he could, and the nurses and physicians for the care he received.

Ready to return home, Angela picked him up for the journey back to Florida. Though their extended stay in Amarillo was unexpected and scary, they will always remember it as rewarding, as well. Bruce looks forward to returning to work at a little slower pace, and spending more time with Angela.