Deanna Tindall

Deanna Tindall, retired from the Navy, runs her own business making lotions and soaps. Her active lifestyle as a small business owner was put on hold after contracting COVID-19. She spent weeks at NWTH, in the ICU for a portion of the time. Once she became medically stable, she transferred to Vibra Hospital of Amarillo.

During her time at Vibra, Deanna felt supported and cared for by the staff. She really enjoyed her night nurse, Lisa, and explained, “She was a hoot!” She appreciated all the staff’s compassion. They adapted to where she was in her recovery, instead of Deanna having to adapt to them.

After all her hard work, Deanna feels that she has come a long way. She has had a wonderful experience during her medical recovery here a Vibra. Deanna will miss her nurses and therapists that have helped her during her stay. She is returning home with oxygen but can do everything independently. Deanna can’t wait to see her 9-year-old grandson and her animals, who she has been away from all this time.