Denise Box

Before her battle with COVID-19, Denise Box was an active member of her community. Denise is married, has four grown children, and works full-time as a teacher. In addition, she enjoys participating in weekly Bible studies and being a grandmother.

One October day, Denise went to a medical clinic for what she thought was bronchitis. Instead, she tested positive for COVID-19 and returned home to quarantine and rest. When her symptoms worsened, Denise went to the emergency room and was admitted to BSA Hospital. She spent a few weeks on a ventilator in the ICU.

After those few weeks passed, Denise transferred to Vibra Hospital of Amarillo for ventilator weaning. Denise made great progress at the critical care hospital and weaned successfully off the ventilator. Now medically stable, she transferred to Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Amarillo for the next phase of her recovery.

Denise credits a combination of things as the most significant factors in her recovery: “The care I received at Baptist St Anthony’s that kept me alive, at Vibra Hospital that got me off the ventilator, and at Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital that rehabilitated me, as well as God for making sure I recovered.”

“All of the staff played a part in my recovery,” Denise stated. “Richard in EVS was uplifting, accommodating, and helpful. I had many good nurses and aides. A great therapy team — Staci and Tonna were accepting and encouraging.”

Denise also drew on multiple sources of inspiration, including an “independent streak” and a desire to return home to her husband and see her children and grandchildren.

“I feel much stronger and have made great strides in being able to take care of myself.” Once home, Denise plans to take life for what it is, believing that life is so much more now. “I find more value in family, not material things,” she stated. “I can’t wait to go home!”