Gary Solomon

Before contracting COVID-19, Gary Solomon was a very active member of his community. Gary is a proud father of three adult children and worked as a pastor in youth ministries. He and his wife, Julie, enjoyed each other’s company, having dinners, and “living a good life.”

After his positive diagnosis, Gary quarantined at home for seven days. But he wasn’t recovering. Brought to a local hospital, Gary admitted to the ICU. He spent several weeks on a ventilator before transferring to Vibra Hospital of Amarillo.

When he arrived at Vibra, Gary couldn’t communicate, move his extremities, or breathe on his own. He credits his recovery to each and every nurse, nurse’s technician, therapy staff, and physician. Gary said his caregivers “made me feel like a human again” with their kind touches and compassion.

Having made great progress, Gary is ready for the next step in his recovery journey: Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Amarillo. He looks forward to returning home and living a full life with his family.