Jackie Nall

“Back on February 21st was my first experience with Vibra Hospital, and from the time I came in here, everybody at the hospital was trying to develop stepping stones to help me get out quickly. In life, we can either make stepping stones for people or we can make stumbling blocks, and I found that this built stepping stones all the way around.

Robin was my first experience. She transported me over from another location. She was very, very careful to miss every bump in the road, because I actually was hurting on this. I’ve seen her around the hospital. She does it very well.

I had physical therapy with Tammy. She was with me every step of the way. When I did something that was not quite right she would make a quick correction when it was over, and now I’m walking like normal.

The CNAs worked very, very hard. I was probably the first one in the hall, five o’ clock, opened the door, and little did I know somebody was there to say ‘would you like a cup of coffee?’ Boy that is great, having a cup of coffee. The food has been excellent here.

The nurses–Jolene was just wonderful in what she did. I watched the people in Facility Services and the services that sweep the floors and mop the things. In my room, whenever I would wake up–they would not bother me–but whenever I would get out of bed, they would come in and they would take care of every inch of that floor.

The doctors were good! They were always there when they said they would be there. The treatment I received probably isn’t available anywhere else. That’s part of the reason I was here, and I can recommend that.

So, I’m going to leave with this little message:

‘Isn’t it strange that princes and kings, and clowns in sawdust rings and common folks like you and me have built us a fraternity. Each is given a shapeless mass, a book of tricks and some techniques, and each will make, for life is flawed, a stumbling block or stepping stone.’

All of these people had stepping stones for me to get over my situation and to be released in good shape.”