Judy Andrews

For Judy Andrews, constant pain is a reality due to diabetic neuropathy. Treatment ultimately led to the amputation of her right lower limb. Now in much less pain, Judy has a more positive outlook.

Judy spent several weeks in a short-term acute care hospital following the amputation. Judy was then referred to Vibra Hospital of Amarillo, a critical care hospital. At Vibra, Judy would receive the extensive wound care and IV antibiotic therapy she required post-amputation.

At Vibra, Judy made significant progress in her recovery. She attributes her success to two key factors. First, she credits her faith. “I believe God has a plan for me,” Judy said.

Second, Judy noted the excellent care she received at Vibra. In particular, she recognized her speech therapist, Bree. “Bree made the sessions fun and was very kind,” Judy shared. “The entire therapy team was amazing and compassionate.”

Motivated by a desire to return to her husband and two adult sons, Judy worked hard on her recovery. “I want them to see me getting better, overcoming my illness. I want to be home and part of their lives again.”

Judy defines success as increasing her strength and coming to terms with losing her leg. Judy is well on the way to achieving those goals after her stay at Vibra.

“I’m grateful for my care here at Vibra,” Judy said as she prepared to return home following six weeks away.