Kelly Smith

Kelly Smith is an active stay-at-home mother of five. Two of her children still live at home with her. Kelly home schools the oldest of the two. Her youngest has special needs and attends AISD. She also stays busy with their activities, like her daughter’s passion for dancing.

Although she is usually an on-the-go mom, one day, Kelly started to feel sick. Her condition worsened, so she went to the BSA emergency room. There she was diagnosed with COVID-19 and spent 45 days on a mechanical ventilator, eventually switching to a trach.

As she stabilized, Kelly transferred to Vibra Hospital of Amarillo on her family’s recommendation. As a previous patient, her mother-in-law’s father explained that he was really happy with the care he received. With trust in her family, she arrived at Vibra ready to start her journey to recovery.

Kelly’s family has been a huge motivator. The staff has also encouraged Kelly throughout her time at Vibra. She stated, “The staff here went above and beyond. Dane E., Marie, and Manny had a huge impact on my recovery. Constance, Lan, and Bree were great, and Susan Proser helped get me into the facility.”

Kelly will continue her recovery at Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Amarillo. She looks forward to getting to the next level in her recovery because that means one step closer to going home. Kelly has a new grandbaby that she can’t wait to finally meet. She plans to get home as soon as she can and puts her faith in God to do so. “I give God all the glory. He’s my rock, and I wouldn’t be here without him,” Kelly explained.