Melissa Gutierrez

Melissa Gutierrez is a manager at the Education Credit Union. Her daughter is in high school and is very active. Melissa likes to stay involved with her daughter’s activities. Their busy lifestyle came to a halt when Melissa tested positive for COVID-19, leading to a month-long stay in the hospital.

Melissa’s physician determined that she needed more time to recover. Her mother-in-law referred her to Vibra Hospital of Amarillo based on family members’ past experiences. After Melissa became medically stable, she transferred to Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Amarillo to continue her care.

During her stay at Vibra, the staff took the time to get to know Melissa. They encouraged her during recovery and ensured her that she was not a burden. Her registered nurse, Marie, bought her fuzzy socks. With help from other staff members, Marie gently worked to get tangles out of Melissa’s hair. Her occupational therapist, Constance, was uplifting and prayed with her when she was down. Constance even came in on her day off to show Melissa how to use the exercise bands.

Melissa’s physical therapist, Lan, was very motivational, encouraging, and compassionate. Lan pushed Melissa to do more than she thought she could. Dora, her respiratory therapist, was kind and made sure to explain everything during their sessions. Jennifer, Melissa’s care manager, answered all her questions and made time for her and her mother-in-law.

During Melissa’s stay, the staff was very attentive to her recovery process. Before contracting COVID-19, Melissa was a go-getter at work and was active with her daughter. Knowing this, the staff worked with her to gain her independence back. They wanted to see her succeed.

As she continues to work through her recovery, Melissa hopes to return home soon. Her goals are to return home without needing oxygen. She continues to work on gaining function in her leg, where she developed neuropathy. With the help of her care team at Vibra, Melissa is on the path to getting back to better.