Mr. Leal

Before COVID-19, Mr. Leal was living a healthy and happy life with his family. As a people person, he enjoyed socializing and maintained strong connections with many friends. But after contracting COVID-19, he had to live in a new reality of focusing on his recovery.

Initially, Mr. Leal got sick for a week and remained at home. As time went on, he saw no improvement and his symptoms began to worsen. He went to the hospital where he was immediately admitted to the ICU. Once stabilized, Mr. Leal’s physicians recommended that he continue his recovery at Vibra Hospital of Amarillo. There he would receive acute medical care and intensive therapy.

After hearing positive things about Vibra from his physicians and social worker, Mr. Leal agreed to transfer. He went in with motivation from his family. His wife, Lilly, and their six daughters encouraged him to get better so he could return home. “They have given continuous support and unconditional love,” he stated.

Mr. Leal also received support from the staff throughout his journey. “All the staff has been great including respiratory, therapy, the physicians, and nurses.”

Mr. Leal continues to work hard at his recovery and defines success as “going home to be with the people I love.” He added confidently, “I will get back to my wife and family.” Mr. Leal hopes to quickly gain his strength back so he may finally go home.