Samuel Hughes

Prior to his illness, Samuel Hughes worked full-time and loved life. He has a great family, including a 19-year-old daughter.

Feeling unwell, Samuel admitted to the hospital, where he received a complex diagnosis. He had a gastric bleed, gallbladder complications, and an infection that caused sepsis. As a result, he required ventilator support, a tracheostomy, and a feeding tube. In need of complex medical care and extended hospitalization, Samuel’s physician referred him to Vibra Hospital of Amarillo, a critical care hospital.

Before his illness, Samuel didn’t know about Vibra. “God chose Vibra for me,” he stated. Noting the impact of the staff on his recovery, Samuel added, “They truly cared about me. They helped me do what I needed to get better.”

Samuel acknowledged certain staff members in particular for their impact during his stay. He recalled that Craig Perrion, FNP, “stayed with me through everything.” Samuel was also impressed with Craig’s kindness. He also recognized that Lisa, Marie, Judy, and Linda from the nursing staff “were all caring.”

Samuel turned to his family for motivation during his recovery, wanting to get better to care for his wife and daughter. He also looked to his faith. “God kept me here for a reason, and my life is not over,” he stated. Samuel enjoys refereeing high school football and hopes to regain enough strength to return in the fall. Samuel discharged from Vibra to an acute rehabilitation hospital closer to his home in Lubbock, Texas.